School is over and now I need to make money...Help!

After a year of studying Computer Graphic Design at Vancouver Career College in Kelowna BC I must try now to make some money. While I spent a year studying and graduating from a program which is usually two years, it is not only the skills from the program I am relying on to move me forward in my career. It is my accumulation of skills in my life. Whether it is my love of photographing nature and landscapes, painting a show quality finish on a 1967 GTO, my twenty years of working with computers and the internet, or my need to always build something unique. In the end it always come from the same place within me, my need to be creative. Am I making a ton of money now? No, but all directions only happen a step at a time. For sure, I have a way better chance of making money with Computer Graphic Design and Photography than I have a chance of winning the Lotto 649. That I know for sure and it is enough to begin moving forward.

Boo Graphics Website is live!


While I have not made a ton of money since I have graduated, I have managed to make some money doing sub-contracting for other web design companies. Not a lot, but it does pay some bills. I have been working on the Boo Graphics website for awhile and it is now live. It is different design which I am sure I will work on often. Have a look and your opinion is always welcome.


Ken Bateman & Boo Graphics wishes you and your family a very Merry Christmas


We wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best in the 2011 New Year. Ken feels this year is a year of change, in the right direction for many people. It is my wish that through web design and graphic design I am able to bring the simpler and basic things in life to the front. Things like, helping someone in need, telling someone you care about them. There are a lot of jerks in the world but, there are more good people. In the end the wind will blow the jerks away. Have a Merry Christmas.