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Have a Boo at some of our graphic design projects. Boo Graphics is creative by design. Your business, your ideas, your information, allows us to be creative for you and your business. Whether it is stationary, posters, brochures, business cards, or logos, what you desire to portray becomes our creative project for your business.

Boo Graphics rates are affordable and allow a small business to look completely professional without draining your bank account. You may choose a full package for you and your business or purchase services as you need them and are able to afford them.

A complete business package offers substantial savings compared to purchasing services as you need them. However, a small business is not always able to afford a complete package. In this case Boo Graphics will work with you to help you save as much money as possible.

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Graphic Design

Have a look at Graphic Design Album. Your ideas and our creativity will give you the graphic design which you want for personal or business use. Good graphic design also enhances a website to a professional and personal level. Let Boo Graphics show the world who you and your business are and what you have to offer.

Photography of nature and landscapes by Ken Bateman of Boo Graphic in Kelowna BCPhotography

While I do not claim to be a professional photographer I've loved to photograph nature and objects since I was a young boy. Yes, cameras have changed but my love of photography has not. Today I use digital and film cameras. Landscapes, animals, bugs, and macros, are my favorite things to photograph. My professional level of Photoshop use allows me to do incredible editing to photographs and be able restore damaged or old photos. There are examples of my work on the Photography Page.

Take your time and look around our site to see examples of some of the work we do at Boo Graphics. We are always ready for a challenge so no project is too big or small. Give us your ideas and your dreams and we will make them work for you.