Just A Little Boo

He was just a little boo
with the courage of a lion.
The angels came for him on the day he was born,
but he refused to go and never stopped trying
To live every day and to deliver his special message to everyone he touched
‘Cause he was just a little boo with a job to do

He brought people together and he made them smile
He helped them to forget about the cruel world they live in for awhile
He helped his brothers and his sister through their troubled times
He helped momma and dadda when they were not seeing eye to eye
‘Cause he was just a little boo with a job to do

It hurts so much now that he is gone
It hurts so much and it feels so wrong
He wanted to stay with us and watch Teddy Bear grow up
He wanted to feed the fish, watch Shrek one more time with his nuk-nuk
But, he was just a little boo with a job to do

He taught us so much in the short time we had
He taught us to be unselfish and taught us to be kind
He taught us to cherish everyday as if it were our last
‘Cause he was just a little boo with a job to do

He may not be here today, but we will see him again
He is just making a home for us like we did for him
Someday we will go tobogganing on a cloud up above
And when our fingers and toes get cold we will warm them
by a fire in a house of love…and we will laugh
After all, he is just a little boo with a job to do
And just the cutest, cutest, little boo
We miss you little boo

Love Dadda
November 28, 2003


Brenden Lee Betker-Bateman, August 16, 2001 - November 27, 2003

The Story Of Little Boo

August 16, 2001 - November 27, 2003

Brenden Lee was born on August 16, 2001 and so many important world events happened in his two short years with us. Brenden passed away just before Christmas in 2003. Brenden touched us with his love, sharing, laughter, and always something special. We who knew him will always remember who he was and the gifts he shared.

Brenden had major life threatening complications in his first day of life. He was rushed to BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver. He made tremendous recovery and over the next two years he was someone you just wanted to be with. He was full of laughter and wanting to help you. Thank you Littleboo for spending your time here with us..



Dadda's Story

This is the beginning of Dadda's Story of Brenden Lee Bateman...The Littleboo. Yes, he was a baby when born but, he was a wise person with a soul filled with love and lessons to be shared in life. The Littleboo had more to share with you and was willing to share if you were willing to listen and learn. Brenden had more to teach you in his two short years than most have to teach you in an entire normal lifetime. Unfortunately, Brenden was only with us for two short years before he had to move on to another place where he was needed. After all he was just a littleboo with a job to do!

I was not able to write my story until 2009. Before then I cried to much when I began writing. Please click on the image to read my story.

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