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Photo Restoration

This photo is probably 100 years old. Using Photoshop it was restored to a photo which looks much like the day it was taken. Boo Graphics can do some amazing restorations and editing of your photographs. More Restoration.

100 year old photo before restoration by Ken Bateman of Boo Graphics100 year old photo after restoration by Ken Bateman of Boo Graphics


While I do not claim to be a professional photographer, I've loved to photograph nature and objects since I was a young boy. Yes, cameras have changed but my love of photography has not. Landscapes, animals, bugs, and macros, are my favorite things to photograph. My professional level of Adabe Photoshop allows me to do incredible editing to photographs and be able restore damaged or old photos. There are examples of my work on the Photography Page.

Take your time and look around our site to see examples of some of the work we do at Boo Graphics. We are always ready for a challenge so no project is too big or small. Give us your ideas and your dreams and we will make them work for you.