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Littleboo News has been around for several years. Little Boo and are the foundation and creative inspiration for Boo Graphics. You may view issues of Littleboo News and read about who Littleboo is and how someone so small could be so powerful with creativity and love.


December 2010 Newslatter from Boo Graphics in Kelowna BC

December 2010

Wishing you a Merry Christmas

Kasugai Garden site

School is Over - Need Money


Littleboo News was about helping and sharing with other people to help others be who they were able to be. Somewhat small but big in the heart. Helping the boy start the lawnmower next door, or helping someone in a very poor country go to school with food for themselves and their family. It's cool even if your heart is warm!

Boo Graphics does exsist to make some money. However, money is not priority


Helping Children - Graphics - Web- Trains - Boats- British Columbia, Canada

Other Boo Graphics Projects

"Just a Little Boo"

"Just a Little Boo," is a poem I wrote the day after my son, Brenden Lee, passed away in November 2003. During that winter, with a broken heart I designed a website in his memory. Many people have asked me, "how were you able to do that?" It was my way of being able to deal with the pain in my heart.

The Story Behind "This Day"

If you'd like to find out more about the graphic and why I used it for the website then click on the image and find out more. Your input and questions are always appreciated so don't be shy.

Take your time and look around our site to see examples of some of the work we do at Boo Graphics. We are always ready for a challenge so no project is too big or small. Give us your ideas and your dreams and we will make them work for you.