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I began using computers and the internet in 1990 for school work and research. Computers and the internet have changed dramatically since that day but, that was the foundation of what we have today. I remember trying to write web sites in HTML 15 years ago in Notepad. The first graphic editors were scary and I always had to clean up the code in Notepad in the end.

The first graphic editor I began using was Homesite. No, it did not do everything right, and even today none do. Homesite did a pretty good job though. Homesite I believe was bought by Macromedia where Homesite became the platform for Dreamweaver. Today Adobe owns Dreamweaver and we now have version CS5. The nice thing about technology and design is that they are stable together since they are always changing. It is no different today than it was 20 years ago. It's only changed and that is stable.

Boo Graphics rates are affordable and allow a small business to look completely professional without draining you bank account. You are able to choose a full package for you and your business or choose to purchase services as you need them and are able to afford them.

A complete business package offers substantial savings compared to purchasing services as you need them. However, sometimes a small business is not able to afford a complete package. In this case Boo Graphics will work with you to help you save as much money as possible.

Web Design For Your Business Or Personal Project


A website designed by Ken Bateman of Boo Graphics for Kasugai Gardens in Kelowna British Columbia Kasugai Gardens

Kasugai Gardens in Kelowna, BC has plants from British Columbia and from Japan where it`s sister city, Kasugai, has is a Japanese garden with Canadian plants.The garden is in the heart of downtown Kelowna and once you are in the garden you would never know there is a city around you.

A website designed by Ken Bateman of Boo Graphics in memory of those who lost their lives in 1978Trainwreck of 78'

In late October, early November 1978, in North Central BC a devastating storm and flood hit. Little creeks which usually flowed through small culverts under highways were turned into raging water taking out rail tracks and highways in many places between Smithers and Terrace. My father was an engineer for the CNR during that storm and he lost his life along with his conductor Frank Watson when their train was washed into the Skeena River by a mudslide.

A website designed by Ken Bateman of Boo Graphics in memory of his son Brenden who passed away at age twoLittleboo

My son, Brenden Lee, who turned two years old on August 16, 2003, passed away just before Christmas of 2003. He was a very unique character who I named Littleboo. He was full of love, he wanted to see you laugh, and he wanted to share with you. He should not have left us that day, he had so much to show the world. His life may not have been long but his lessons of love is something which will be with me for life.

A website by Ken Bateman of Boo Graphics which displays his recent work and allows for others to work with him on projectsBoo Graphics Live

This site is a Boo Graphics Live Office website where I can display projects I am working on so others may offer their suggestions. If I am working on a joint project it is a good site for input from everyone in the project

A website by Ken Bateman of Boo Graphics which displays his recent work and allows for others to work with him on projectsBoo Graphics News

Boo Graphics New, which used be called Littleboo News, is a monthly publications about graphics design, web design, and the direction Boo Graphics is headed with the software and new technologies which are a daily happening.

Boo Graphics News also discusses that in this world we live in where technology and money rule, there are simpler and basic ways to fullfil your dreams and life. Sometimes this is just helping someone who is less fortunate than youself, or maybe just telling someone that you care about them. Graphics and Web Design can help to bring these simple and basic things forward. If you want to stay in touch with Boo Graphics News please subscribe to our Newsletter. We always welcome your opinions and input, so don't hesitate to give us your writings or thoughts.

Take your time and look around our site to see examples of some of the work we do at Boo Graphics. We are always ready for a challenge so no project is too big or small. Give us your ideas and your dreams and we will make them work for you.